Sonntag, 6. September 2015

Laid-back Sunday

Now summer is certainly gone and autumn is coming to take over. Temperature dropped about 15 degrees and more relaxed days will come. More time to read the books I wanted to read for several weeks and even more time to listen to music. During the past week I listened a lot to John Martyn again. I still like the way he picks the strings of his guitar and the way he uses his voice as an instrument. Solid Air, his record from back in 1973, is still a monument and I can't get tired playing it from time to time. This record is named by many people for his best one but for is Glasgow Walker from 2000 on the same level. Maybe because there are a lot of melancholic, soft and intimate songs on it. If you deal with John Martyn you ought to take a look on some edits and remixes of his songs. There you can see that a lot of his songs are timeless. Unfortunately I've never seen him live.

John Martyn - Over the hill

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