Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Bessere Zeiten (Better Times)

After yesterday's post I was in the mood to check out some old German music again that had the spirit of John Lydon and the post punk era. One of those bands that appeared in the late 80s was Kolossale Jugend a band that was close to the so called Hamburg school that brought Germany a very new and rough sound in independent music. Named by a song from Young Marble Giants (Colossal Youth) they made a fantastic combination of post punk mixed with a bit of grunge and experimental pop. Their texts were often cryptic – half crazy, half brilliantly – however, the note which the band sound like was unequivocal. They freely rocked after the motto: According to and indirectly. They had an attitude by controlling their rage, always remained far away of every market compatibility. Their play was full of pressure and rousing. This is a song from their album Heile, Heile Bouches released in 1989 and it was a highlight for me in these times.

Kolossale Jugend - Bessere Zeiten

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Dirk hat gesagt…

Ha ha .... isn't that funny: I listened to the very same song yesterday as well (whilst compiling a CD for next week's trip to the Dutch coast) and I also thought to myself "man, this really was brilliant, still is in fact!"