Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

From The In-Box

During the last weeks came again a lot in new music. To sight this has cost time, but it has been worthwhile.

First we go to Belgium where Phil B. the singer, song-writer, guitarist and composer of the rock band Baiki. The songs are sung alternately on English and French. Phil calls as an essential inspiration for his music The Clash. And indeed when I listen to 'Walk the line' it sounds a little bit like early The Clash. Starting with a few riffs the song turns more and more to a hymn. This group is with her music well over the average.

Baiki - Walk The Line
Baiki - En Rose

From London music by Reegl arrived. I don't know if they are a band or if it is a name for a musical collective. Anyway, their interpretation of House and electronic music is worth to listen. As I have read is their remix of 'Sunshine every day' a veritable hit in the House-charts.

G. Owen Evans - Sunshine every day (Reegl Remix)

Let's cross the Atlantic ocean to Fort Worth, Texas. Home of Chris Watson and his band. Deeply based in classic Detroit Soul they play like this kind of music should be played. Most of the songs are added with a fantastic horn section and sometimes I think I hear Maceo Parker again. That they are also able to play something softer can be heard on 'Don't think about it', their reminiscence to Al Green and Otis Redding.

Chris Watson - Black White and Grey
Chris Watson - Don't Think About It

Meditative Animal is the band project of the American singer-songwriter Nick Mirisola. It's handmade music at it's best. Most songs are played in a relaxed mood based on acoustic guitars and hand percussion added with an electric guitar and piano. I think this music will work best played live in a pub or for yourself in the late hours.

Meditative Animal - Telescope Eyes
Meditative Animal - Timed Temperance

We finish our journey in Toronto, Canada with Joyslam, the solo project by the Aboriginal artist RJ Martine. Most songs based on influences of Funk and Rock but the more you listen to this songs you will find more other influences. Sometimes you can hear a jazzy guitar or the main theme of the songs changes to a song Steely Dan could be played as well. Not easy to listen to but you might get a gift if you do.

Joyslam - Re-Invent Yourself

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