Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2023



I have to admit that I love the pictures and footage of erupting volcanoes and hot magma running down the hills. It one of the wonders of our earth bringing us back to the days when the earth was a very young planet and of course I know that an eruption like this could destroy everything and bring death to many people. Scientists suppose that the next big volcano eruption will take place at Mount Etna, Naples because of the shift of the tectonic plates along the coastline. 

Two days ago Woodleigh Research Facility a video filmed by Iceland's Jon Arason during the last years. This video was accompanied by Andrew Weatherall's remix of a song by Nina Walsh. It seldom happens that the music and video seem to be one. The remix with strings, keyboards and a little touch of early New Order makes this 8 minutes a perfect harmony. Look, listen and enjoy 

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Khayem hat gesagt…

Thanks, Walter, I've been enjoying this (and the Jagz Kooner and original mixes) since Swiss Adam featured them but I didn't know about the video. You're absolutely spot on with your comments about the perfect match of visuals and music. I've lately been listening to a lot of electronic pop music and remixes from the early 1980s - 1983, in particular - and Andrew Weatherall's remix captures that essence, semmingly effortlessly.

JC hat gesagt…

Had never heard this before. If you had asked me to hazard a guess, then a previously unreleased New Order demo would have been a suggestion. It just lacks the bassline.....excellent stuff.