Sonntag, 28. Juni 2020

New Wave From Across The Ocean

Romeo Void - Debora Lyall | New wave music, Music

My musical taste in the early 80's was stamped by many bands of the new wave/post punk ear. Nearly almost new bands came from Great Britain and I asked myself why I know less bands from across the Atlantic ocean. Maybe because the papers didn't noticed them, the record shops didn't had them or just because I ignored them. One of these bands are Romeo Void formed in San Francisco at the end of the 70's. They only released three albums and disbanded in 1983. Their music is somewhere between Joy Division and Gang of Four and dominated by Debora Iyall's vocals and Benjamin Bossi's saxophone. The could be famous when they record company would have promoted them more in Europe.

Romeo Void - Your Life Is A Lie
Romeo Void - White Sweater

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JC hat gesagt…

Completely new to me, Walter. Have downloaded them for a proper listen later - but the snippets I grabbed a hold of sounded really interesting. Thanks.