Samstag, 20. Juni 2020

6AM Chorus

Common blackbird - Wikipedia

London based composer and producer Pascal Gabriel aka Stubbleman used the strange days of lockdown to realize one of the most bizarre ideas in music this year. Over three weeks he went out and made field records of blackbirds, jackdaws and wrens singing at different times of the day and overlaid the result with upright piano and synth. The result is nothing more or less a meditative composition and not the worst way to start into the weekend.

2 Kommentare:

C hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing this Walter. Birdsong is my favourite sound in the world, one I never tire of and one I crave and feel the need to hear more than ever in the current crisis (thankfully I can at the moment, plenty of birds out there!) A lovely idea to mix with the simple music, very soothing and beautiful.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

This is great Walter