Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

Watusi Rodeo

Bildergebnis für watusi rodeo

It is Friday and working week is almost over. And only one more day on Monday to work until I will leave for a few weeks. As usually I go over the turn of the year to Sri Lanka again. I try to prepare some post including my very own review in music of this year. Today's song is one of those songs I can listen to at almost every time. Written  by Guadalcanal Diary, an forgotten band from Georgia in 1984. I really liked their jangly pop sound a lot these days and their records still find the way to my turntable. And the Reverend's version is also a good one even it sounds just like the original.

Guadalcanal Diary - Watusi Rodeo
Reverend Horton Heat - Watusi Rodeo

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Brian hat gesagt…

Huge fan of Guadalcanal Diary, Walter. Just listened to the song Litany the other day. Didn't know the good reverend had covered this one. Thanks for posting! I hope your trip is going well. Be safe.