Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017

This Year In Music Pt. 2

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Todays selection of eclectic albums feature some artist making songs without words. It is music I use to listen to when it was later in the evening to get grounded after a long working day.

First one is Moon Duo that released their Occult Architectures 1 and 2 also this year. After four records it seems like they found the sound of their own. Corroded guitars, loopy keyboard lines, krautrock rhythms, and psychedelic strains conjuring both the whirling cosmos and droning abyss. Some might say they sound too sinister but I am always ready if they take me out for a ride.

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet is a long time traveller in electronic music. During many years he tried to combine different types of sound into his music and with New Energy he finally put them all together in one album. You can find his warm downtempo sounds as well as his free jazz adventures on this record. Not music for everyone but I often find new particles in his sound.

Since a few years I listen often to the output of Yorkshire musician and producer Mark Osborne aka Mono Life. He released his latest album called Sandalphon this year and it is still on a high level. Some might say it is only electronic music but I say it is different to many other artists trying to a job like this. Mono Life is able to create a carpet of sound filled with a downtempo rhythm and great melodies.


I cannot resist to feature a new German band that I listened often to this year even if they speak some words. Die Wilde Jagd enjoys with a warm percussive sound. Sadly I miss them while they play live at my place during my holidays.


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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

The 2 Moon Duo albums are fucking great