Montag, 3. April 2017

Ring My Doorstep

Bildergebnis für the crispies

You might know my affection to the new Austrian music scene. Most of the artists from there that appeared at this place were based in electronic music. So it is seldom enough to show you that there is still an other side of music over there. The Crispies are a Vienna based band and they celebrate the transitoriness in typical rock'n'roll manner: fuzz, fooks, reverb, youthful hedonism, sex. They take  apart the epochs of the rock history, Grunge, punk, Psychedelic rock and turn by the mincer and composes them in quite an own style again. This is sometimes propelling loudly and forwards, is sometimes hypnotic and is breaking also the banks every now and then. It seems that they celebrate the Beastie Boys in this song.

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