Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

Post War Glamour Girls ...

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... are a four-piece band from Leeds and they are active since seven years. Their sound is in between post-punk with an Bad Seeds-atmosphere. I never heard of them before until I got the news that they will release their third album Swan Songs soon. It is a perfect production torn between the sound of the early 80's and the musical possibilities of today. Most songs are lead by an hypnotic bass, steady drums and sporadically guitar outbursts. For me it is one of the best records that find the perfect way between old traditions and today's sound. As far as I know the band's name is inspired from a song  by John Cooper Clarke and if it is true it wasn't the worst inspiration. Some might call it retro but I just call it great and at the hight of time. The more I listen to this record I think it is one the best one's this year so far.  Give them a listen - it will be worth.

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