Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

Country Friday

Bildergebnis für karl blau music

I am everything but not a huge fan of country music. For a few times in my life I grab out some records of this genre and listen to them with amusement - mostly later in the evening with a last drink. And I won't call me an expert though I know who is who in this kind of music. A few days ago a record came to my appearance and from the first time I listened to it I was fascinated from this artist. Karl Blau is an indie rock and folk musician from near of Washington. He released music different records during the last 20 years. His latest recording Introducing Karl Blau is (for me) a little gem in a genre called country music. The songs are stamped by his sonorous voice and arrangements that are not typical for what you'll call country. I spent a few evenings listening to his songs. Sometimes they remembered me to Kurt Wagner, sometimes to Kris Kristofferson and sometimes to old fashioned country singers. He also covered songs by the Bee Gees and Townes van Zandt in his very special way and this versions were not too bad. What impressed me most was the way he interprets country music nowadays. It is played based on tradition style but also had influences by music made during the last decads. All in all a record you might listen to when you are alone to finish the day.

Karl Blau - Falling Rain
Karl Blau - If I Needed You
Karl Blau - Let The World Go By


charity chic hat gesagt…

Glad to see a bit of Country today Walter.A new name on me - looking forward to giving it a listen

The Swede hat gesagt…

Very pleased to see Karl Blau finally getting a foot on the ladder. Mrs S & I saw him about 10 years ago supporting Laura Viers, when we were impressed enough to buy some self-recorded CDR's from him after the show.