Freitag, 27. Mai 2016

Addition to George's ICA

Bildergebnis für the faces discography

In addition of George's very fine ICA-Compilation over at JC's place I checked out my records of The Faces. I am a long time friend of their music because they introduced me into music. Introduced means that the former boyfriend of my oldest mate  sister played The Faces to me when I was at my youngest days. Back in 1975 he took us to a concert by The Faces in Munich and it was the first time ever I was on a concert before. Me and my lad were astonished by the live appearance of the band. Notably Rod Stewart that impressed us with his unique voice. It was an evening we both stepped into another era. From this time on I followed Rod Stewart and The Faces. A lot of times since now I occasionally I slip back to their records. For me it was the entrance to rock music and made fundamentals to music that came to my ears during the last 40 years. Here are some songs by The Faces, George didn't put on his short list of 10 songs.

Hope you're enjoying them as much as me.

And this for Ronnie Lane on guitar. He was one of the most underrated guitar players during the last 40 years.


TheRobster hat gesagt…

The Faces were your first gig? Wow! No wonder you became a music fan.

George hat gesagt…

Excellent tunes Walter, especially that live version of Flying. And The Faces were your first ever concert? TOPTASTIC!!!

The Swede hat gesagt…

Back in the days that Rod was good! The Faces were so great. 'Cindy Incidentally' and 'Ooh La La' are real favourites of mine.

Walter hat gesagt…

Right Swede. I listen to this songs for decades and never get tired listening to.