Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 44

Spliff (I know what synonym it is for) came from Berlin. What is in it so particularly? Berlin about which it is here does not deal with today's any more overmuch. Berlin an end of 1970s was, not least because of the island situation within the Western Germany, a special case. Crowds of the young men who wanted to escape the service in the armed forces moved there and by the geographical bulkheading quite an own cultural scene which worked magically engagingly on all kinds of outsiders also originated. Pop dimensions like David Bowie, Iggy Pop or Depeche Mode made this Berlin for for some time her native country. The band is very successful during those days in Berlin. Stylistically in the political rock the seventy-year-old roots, however, one cannot hold a candle overpowering Ton Steine Scherben (another German left wing band from the 70s). When Nina Hagen from the GDR is expelled, she joins the four one and completes the Line Up of Nina Hagen Band as the troop is called. After only two albums the combo separates. From the remains arise in 1980 on the one hand the solo artist Hagen and Spliff. They had their most successful years throughout the New German Wave but their were much better than this foolish stuff.

And as Nina Hagen Band:

And the German version of White Punks on Dope by The Tubes:

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