Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014

Joe Cocker im Jahr 1964

While I was writing the post about Udo Jürgens the breaking news arrived that Joe Cocker died last night. When I have read this I was stunned at first and shaken. I remember ver well that 40 years ago I was in the flat of an older friend of mine checking out his records and found Joe's first record. I put the vinyl on the record player and what I heard hit me like a titan wave. Never listened to a voice like this. So broken, true and mighty. After I listened to the whole record I played it once more and finally grabbed my whole mney to buy this. This voice that sounds like he gargled with glass shards led me into Soul Music - first of all into Ray Charles to explore the whole sound of the black America in these decade. His story is well known : after success he turned into drugs and alcohol and was a wreck. Down and out. On his way back to an 'ordinary' life he spent some time in Jamaika, where he recorded together with Sly and Robbie on drum and bass one of the best white reggae songs in these times. For me a hero's gone and I miss him.

R.I.P. Joe and sing for the angels now.

Bye bye blackbird (with the young Jimmy Page on guitar):


He always interpreted songs from other artists in his very own way, like Randy Newman's Guilty


or Nillson's 'Don't forget me'


This one's are from his record 'Sheffied Steele'



Anonym hat gesagt…

Listening to him again you realise what a great voice he had. Given the right song he created a great great sound.
Excellent choice of songs Walter.
Best wishes, George

charity chic hat gesagt…

I told my boss that Joe was Jarvis Cocker's dad and he momentarily believed me! (They are both from Sheffield after all

charity chic hat gesagt…
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