Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

The Foreign Correspondent - Stories About German Rock Music # 12

The intention of this series was to tell the people out there about German music. To German music belongs also music to adjoining states. Last time I crossed the border I featured Steffan Eicher from Switzerland. Now I cross the border to Austria. Falco got famous as the so called first white Rapper who got a number one chart hit at Billboard in the US. He started his career as a bass player in the Austrian anarchy punk band Drahdiwaberl who had an underground hit in Austria which was banned in the airplay because it described the use and dealing of drugs in Vienna. After his work with Drahdiwaberl he forced a career with his own name. He signed a contract and produced his first record. The single Der Kommissar advanced to a often played club hit and was covered by Under The Fire. Under the influence of the Milos Foreman movie Amadeus and the hype about Mozart he wrote his well known song Amadeus. Also a milestone in white rapping. It was played these times in my place very often and never get boring at all. In the German-speaking space there was a violent controversy about his song Jeanny. After the title had been uncoupled after rock Me Amadeus and Vienna Calling as this next single and the matching video had run on television, a quarrel about the contents broke out. Many broadcasting stations refused passing the ball because Jeanny described in her opinion an act of violence not only, but even glorified. For me it was a great song and his voice sounded like a haunted pedestrian - awesome. After years of very big success and tours through the whole world he lost his physical and mental health and turned more and more into drugs. He died in 1998 in the Dominican Republic when his jeep collided with a public bus high leveled with alcohol, cocaine and THC. May he rest in peace.

Drahdiwaberl & Falco - Ganz Wien
Falco - Der Kommissar
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus

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