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The Foreign Correspondent - Stories About German Rock Music # 11

The last week I have gone by the presentation of German rock music very much far back in the past. This will not be also different this time. Now we are a few years later in the early 1970s. I have considered very long whether I should introduce a German band or a single artist. I take the chance to introduce to you a band that was very successful in this time and also their lead guitarist which played in several other bands that marked German rock music these days.

I saw Lake in one of my earliest concerts as a opening band for Wishbone Ash. With their ppearance they have stolen the show from the main attraction. They combined the best of the Westcoast rock, choral music for several voices and thick harmonies, as they stamped, e.g., Steely Dan in the time. The exceptionally good guitar player Alex Conti was like a cream bonnet on their perfect sound. Their first lead singer was the Dundee based singer-songwriter Ian Cussick. The band got famous with the following lead-singer James Hopkins-Harrison. Lake were very successful in the United States where their first record reached the Billboard 100 and they had the possibility to tour as opening acts for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young. The band disbanded a several time an reformed with different personal throughout the years. But always with Alex Conti on guitar.

Lake - Between The Lines
Lake - Do I Love You
Lake - On The Run
Lake - Time Bomb

Alex Conti started as professional musician at the age of 19 playing in several bands in England like Curly Curve. Back in Germany he joined to Atlantis also a famous German rock band in the early 1970s. for one year before he left to play with Lake. He went with Atlantis to tour the USA as an opening act for Aerosmith. The band was formed in 1972 by Inga Rumpf on vocal. Their music had a big influence from traditional Rhythm and Blues and was dominated by them female lead vocalist. Members of Atlantis like Jean-Jacques (keybords) and Curt Cress (drums) became famous as often hired session musicians. A lot of them played on records and tours by famous musicians in Germany. Nowadays he's playing Blues/Bluesrock with the so called Hamburg Blues Band mainly in little clubs and bars. I had the honor to see him and his band a few times all over the last years - and it was always an relaxed evening listen to them.

Atlantis - Get It Up
Atlantis - Get OnBoard
Atlantis & Inga Rumpf - Let's Get On The Road Again

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There's absolutely no doubt about the time when these tracks were made. Wishbone Ash - the first band I saw live. Well, I suppose the support band were but I don't know who they were.