Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Two Silver Tears

Beeing here you're more in the mood for some relaxed music. That's why I took some Calexico tunes with me. I follow their career when they played with Giant Sand. Their Americana / Tex-Mex / indie rock is amazing for sitting around and let your minds flow. Their musical style is influenced by traditional Latin sound of mariachi, conjunto, Tejano as well as Southwesttern country and 90s post rock. Someone discribed their music as 'desert noir' and I think this will be the right description.

Have a good time at your home and may summer come to you all soon.

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lithium hat gesagt…

Sommer schient endlich auch in Deutschland anzukommen. Nach dem Hochwasser kommt die Sonne raus (auch wenns in Dresden nochmal eng wird)