Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Good Morning Sri Lanka

I arrived in Colombo early sunday morning after an enjoyable 11-hours lasting flight. Stayed there for one night to get some things done by the bureau of immegration (C. had to prolong her visa for a few more weeks). As ever in Sri Lanka - you think something will be done in a short time it take you hours to finish it. When we picked up some people we left the capital heading down south to Weligama, where C. rented a house while she's staying at this place. It's a real nice house with a big living room and three sleeping rooms, a full kitchen and western style bathroom.

First evening it's usual to invite some friends to warm up the house. As ever they showed up with some bottles and we sat out on the porch for hours laughing, drinking, talking and having some food all over the time. Next days we will watch out, what our business plans will make. More of this in the next days.

Sitting out on the porch writing this post and listening to Curtis Mayfield.

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Sitting on a porch in Sri Lanka listening to Curtis Mayfield - I can@t think of many better ways to spend an evening

A very jealous Charity Chic