Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2024

Don't Fall

1981 was that year when a lot of new bands appeared on the scene. Most of them had their roots in post-punk and new wave and many of them didn't made a bigger career. Not because they weren't good enough but probably because they sounded similar to other bands that made it big or they didn't got the right promotion. One of those bands were Manchester's The Chameleons. Their music has the same gloomy mood like The Cure and Joy Division but they always tried to involve pop into their sound. I bought their debut Script Of The Bridge and was fascinated of their songs. All of them are timeless and I can hear their influence in today's bands like Slowdive or The National. This is a great legacy for an underrated band.

The Chameleons -   Don't Fall

The Chameleons - Up The Down Escalator

The Chameleons - Pleasure And Pain

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middle aged man hat gesagt…

I believe they are touring Germany later this year, well worth seeing if possible.