Samstag, 19. September 2020

New Blogger Test


Many of you told about problems to embed a bandcamp track on New Blogger. I have also my problems with this new version that went back into stone age for me. I am really thinking about moving to wordpress but this means to spent a lot of time until this new page will be enough for my claims. So I tried to embed Drew's yesterday's track and one more by Michael Rother in this post.

And I have to say it worked like in former times. I just clicked on share/embed on bandcamp, choose the track and selected the style. After then I copied the code choose standard and past into this post. Now I see a symbol - not the preview in the text I used to but going to the preview symbol on the upper right side it seems ok. I am going now to release this post and will see what happens.

1 Kommentar:

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

That's definitely worked for you Walter. Just tried again at mine and the Bandcamp player still won't embed.