Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

Live Music In German Television

Bildergebnis für dr hook

It is 44 years ago when country music was presented in German TV (a few years ago they showed us a 45 minutes live performance by Johnny Cash). Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show were a band a lot of folks could agree to. Not only because of the music - the lyrics often written by Shel Silversteen was also worth to listen to. Mostly humorous, satirical or just pure love songs but always funny to listen. I fell in love to this band in the early 70's when I went for the first time to Roskilde festival. The band played their set and the came back for encore totally naked and played two more songs. Dr. Hook was a band that changed between classic country and country influenced rock. And I still believe that they didn't played without booze and/or drugs and alcohol. But the audience still enjoyed what these freaks did. They are one of these reasons I turned into country music.

I still like their first album but the best one for was Bankrupt from 1975 (probably one before they turned into mainstream).

One of the reasons I like them still are verses like this:

He was a short order cook, and not too much to look at
And he traded in his foot, for a medal in the war
He loved a girl named Lila, in a bar across the highway
And you ought to see him smilin' at her comin' through the door

Lila always knew, she wasn't no ravin' beauty
She traded in her virtue to a trucker at sixteen
But she forgets to remember how he left her off in Denver
When she sees her Cooky smilin' as she opens up the screen

And he says
"Hi Lila, how about a cup of coffee?
Take a load off, take your shoes off, here's the sugar and the cream"
Cooky's been to war and Lila's been to Denver
And both of them are casualties of someone else's dream

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