Dienstag, 21. März 2017

That's When It's Over

Bildergebnis für lew jaschin

Sometimes I think a lot of new Californian singer/songwriters dabbles in the past. While Ty Segall makes his own blend out of glam, psychedelic and garage rock his band member Emmett Kelly prefer the sound of the late 60's. In his band The Cairo Gang he celebrates an experimental version of folk-rock. Sometimes you can hear the influence of Velvet Underground.

Searching the internet I found this he probably refer on his band name:

The Cairo Gang was a group of British intelligence agents who were sent to Dublin during the Irish War of Independence to conduct intelligence operations against prominent members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) – according to Irish intelligence, with the intention of assassinating them. Twelve men including British Army officers, Royal Irish Constabulary officers and a civilian informant, were killed on the morning of 21 November 1920 by the Irish Republican Army in a planned series of simultaneous early-morning strikes engineered by Michael Collins. The events were to be the first killings of Bloody Sunday.
Some Irish historians (such as Tim Pat Coogan and Conor Cruise O'Brien) dispute assertions of a common history of service in the Middle East as the reason for the unit's nom de guerre. It has been suggested that they received the name because they often held meetings at Cafe Cairo at 59 Grafton Street in Dublin. Earlier books on the 1919–1923 period do not refer to the Cairo Gang by that name.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

I've got the LP The Cairo Gang made with Bonnie Prince Billy, but this is the first of their own music I've heard. As you say, they clearly like Velvet Underground, but that's no bad thing. Good stuff.