Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

Maid Of Ace

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This was a dismal weekend for football fans in our region. First our team in the second league was slaughtered in Dresden 5:0 and even this result was correct. No inspiration or compact playing on this early Saturday game left us disappointed looking forward to the next game on Friday evening. On Sunday I took a longer walk because it was another warm and sunny day and I passed our stadium. I forgot that there was a local derby in a very low league. So I decided shortly to watch the team I played in my very younger times. I didn't saw them but also follow their results on the Monday's papers. It was a good game for this league and as all thought it was tie our team made an own goal for the  final result for 2:3. All in all not the best weekend for my team but anyway worth to support them in the future.

I don't know why but after these games I watched it bound me to a music I didn't listen often in the last month. A few days ago I recognized that Maid Of Ace released a new record called Maid In England (what a name for a record in these days). Maid Of Ace is another English punk influenced band, living the true spirit of punk and independent music. The best thing about them is, that they don't see them as a tit 'n' ass chick band or forcing the feminist way of the Rrrrt grls. They play hard, fast and dirty. No big messages - just a bit of rebellion, living right now and having fun. I really like these ladies - hope you enjoy as well.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

Not heard of this band before Walter so thanks for the tip.

My team - the Mighty Reds of Liverpool - play our bitter rivals Manchester United tonight. I reckon Swiss Adam will be watching (he's a Man Utd fan) but I'll be seeing Le Butcherettes in Cardiff so will have to check the live BBC feed throughout the evening. Liverpool are favourites apparently. Typically, that's not always the best thing...