Samstag, 30. Januar 2016


Bildergebnis für vintage skating

You might know that I am not a regular listener to the radio. I get sick of these mainstream stations playing the same kind of songs over and over again. When I listen to some of these stations than to some live sessions like BBC 6 music. A few days ago I listened to a live session over at Austrian They featured a band from Graz, Austria and I enjoyed what I heard. It is not the next big thing and maybe you listened often enough to music like this: Indie-pop songs that start slowly to end with heavy guitars. It was 45 minutes of joy listening to Farewell Dear Ghost (it was the name that made me interesting and listen to their show). Nothing more or less. And this is not the worst to start into the weekend.


Anonym hat gesagt…

It would have taken me many guesses to say that this was aa band from Austria....they sound very English.

As you say Walter, nothing different or new but I've heard a lot worse.

The Swede hat gesagt…

I agree with JC.