Samstag, 28. November 2015


The last days I was working on my 2015 list of albums that are worth to be named in my annual list. I thought by myself it would be nice to feature 15 albums until the end of the year. I couldn't finish the list yet because I investigated on new albums and found some artists that impressed me much. One of those records that attract my attention was HOLY with their album Stabs. Flooded with lo-fi aesthetics, garage sensibilities and soaring psychedelia this Swedish quintet takes you back to the late 60s. It's like a journey into distortion and feedback, reverb-doused refrains, blazing riffs and distinctively obscured vocals. Not sure if this album will reach my list but I listen to it often the recent days.


The Swede hat gesagt…

This is really excellent Walter - what a find. I enjoyed it so much that I went off and downloaded the whole album on the strength of these three tracks. Thanks for sharing this one.

drew hat gesagt…

Like the Swede, I really enjoyed that and another new one on me. You are becoming the man to come to for good new music Walter thanks.

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you mates. It's always a pleasure to share good music with you.