Samstag, 21. März 2015

Indie Scene 1979

1979 seems like independent music has grown up. More and more influences ware taken over so that we have now a bigger musical spectrum. There are still the bands that play the rhythm and blues influenced new wave like The Rumour and Joy Division stuck deeply in their own fantastic sound. It was the year great pop songs were made by independent artists like Kristy McColl or Squeeze. Looking retrospective to this year I have to determine that it was the year electronic sound entered the indie stage. Fat Gadget or Cabaret Voltaire opened our ears for something different and new. It was also the year British kids discovered a type of music that was forgotten but still present in the shade: Two-Tone and Ska. Bands like the Specials, The Beat, The Selecter and Madness gave us the sound of the summer and The Jam weren't the only ones wearing suits any more. For me it was the year I had to do my military service. Almost a lost year staying away from my crowd and less money to buy records. It was also a time when I spent my leisure with five more guys in room listening mostly to Dire Straits, Pink Floyd's 'Wall' and ABBA or something else from the first Disco wave in Germany. Sometimes I got the chance to play one of my tapes and the result was still the same: offering them new music is like throwing pearls before swine. Anyway, here are some songs that might make you a happy start into the weekend.

Enjoy and have a good time

Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
Fat Gadget - Back to Nature
Kristy McColl - They don't know
Madness - The Prince
Selecter - On my radio
The Beat - Tears of a clown
The Rumour - Emotional traffic
Tubeway Army - Are friends electric


Erik Bartlam hat gesagt…

Walter I did my military service in your neighborhood. I was stationed in Schwetzingen outside of Heidelberg.

There was a U.S. military bar in Mannheim called the Pirates Cove. It was the "alternative" club and evidently had always been like...punk in the early 80's, Goth-new wave and so on...

I remember having to share speaker time with my buddies. There was one kid from Georgia who was obsessed with the Greatful Dead. Teeth grinding.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Walter, no Abba, Dire Straits or Pink Floyd? Shame on you! But I still enjoyed the songs you posted.

Brian hat gesagt…

Loving this series, Walter, and this catchy quote:

"offering them new music is like throwing pearls before swine"

Brilliance all around today.

Walter hat gesagt…

@ Eric: Schwetzingen is close to where my youngest brother lives and famous for their asparagus.

In my younger days I spent many times on posts close to Stuttgart - mostly when there was an event for German - American friendship. Nice time, nice dudes.

Erik Bartlam hat gesagt…

Weiss Spargel!