Sonntag, 8. März 2015

From The In-Box

I don't know much about the artist Ann-dee, exept that she was a female singer located in NYC. She names Nine Inch Nail as an influence to her sound. But it's more a journey into space. It's a delicious mix of rock beats, electronic sounds, bit of HipHop and over all her Asian-like breathed voice.

Ann-dee - Drive To Xeon

Heavyball are a London based band formed by the Nottingham brothers Salisbury a few years ago. The band is on their way to a modern interpretation of Two Tone and Ska. I never thought someone could make a cover version of Jimmy Summerville's 'Smalltown Boy' that is worth to listen too. But I was wrong. Listen to this version, with the driving rhythm, the ska-inspired guitars and drums and you'll know why Jimmy Summerville said 'Wow! Best cover ever' after he heard it.

It's some ambient electronic for Sunday afternoon that Postac gives to us. In 2013 Ezell Jordan began (and continues) to explore different genres of music after retiring from the punk rock scene, leading him to the world electronic music. It's a wonderful meditative music - perfect to relax with a good cup of tea.

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