Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Forgotten Britpop

Bildergebnis für mercury rev

Our mates over at The Sound of Being OK had a rundown of the best Brit-Pop albums ever and I enjoyed it much to follow to number one. Thinking of great songs from this genre I always come to Mercury Rev. Of course it is a band in the greater periphery of New York but their songs seemed like they could be recorded in London. They had the feeling of great pop songs with very individual sounds. Sadly they were less named when we talk about Brit-Pop.

Mercury Rev - Goddess on a Highway

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2018

Another New Voice For Your Ears

Bildergebnis für mattiel

Another new name came to my ears the recent days. I didn't know anything about Mattiel before she released her first album these days. She's working as an illustrator for commercial companies and music was more or less a hobby until she decided to make a full-length record. Her songs are deeply based in vintage Rock 'N' Roll and could appear on different Tarantino-soundtracks. There are many other influences in her sound but the songs are often dominated by a picked electric guitar strings and her voice that reminds me to Nancy Sinatra.

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2018

Black Hole Party

There is a band I follow during the last years. It is the Austin based collective Thousand Foot Whale Claw bringing us cosmic and spaced out sounds. Their sound is deeply based in early 70's German Krautrock. Their sound is dominates with heavy walls of guitar and drones. Starting with a simple guitar line they explore everything that is possible to a very individual sound. This band can play in every kind of genre but will be outstanding in every way someone will categorize them. Probably one of those records I will turn on my turntable many times until the end of the year.


Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018

Domo Arigato

Bildergebnis für the durutti column domo arigato

A few days ago a re-release of Vini Riley's Domo Arigato album from 1985 is available in the record stores. It was the original release plus an live recording (and also as a DVD) from a concert in Japan. It is still a pleasure listening to Riley at the top of his musical career. He played his guitar like never before and the funky sound added with trumpet and violin is still one that makes me shiver whenever I listen to it. I know a lot of folks that listened to cross-over jazz and funk at this time but Vini beat them all.

The Durutti Column - Sketch For A Dawn
The Durutti Column - The Missing Boy

Montag, 9. Juli 2018

Bildergebnis für ambient

Let's have a start into the new week with an ambient sound by Milwaukee's Erik Kowalski aka Casino Versus Japan. I know that a lot of people close their ears when they read that the music was named ambient. But what is ambient? Isn't it a bit of relaxed music you can get lost into? For me it is this way. I have to admit that I am not deep into this kind of music but have to say that this record is a perfect introduction to this kind of music. Based on a guitar sound he takes loops and some kind of shoegaze to create an unique ambient sound. One of the most relaxed albums this year so far.

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2018


Bild könnte enthalten: Himmel, Berg, Natur und im Freien

You can't listen to every new band that releases their first record and I am glad when sometimes a song is different to all the other releases and makes it worth to listen a second time. This seldom situation happened when Austrian radio fm4 anounced another shoegaze/psychedelic band from Vienna. As far as I know the man behind The Happy Sun, Gerhard Potuznik, is based in the low-fi scene and experienced with tape-decksdrum-computers and cheap guiatars. Now he has revitalized a guitar dominated psychedelic mix with influence of The Cure, Wire and a bit of Hüsker Dü. Namedropping - yes, but in a friendly way of knowing where his music has it's roots.

Samstag, 7. Juli 2018

Fish On The Sand

Bildergebnis für Allah-Las

Now after Brazil has to go back home the World Cup is a European Cup. I am glad Belgium won yesterday. Of course with a little luck but they were the better team in the first half and they played a modern fast football. If some ask me what I will remember the Brazilian team in tournament I will tell the how their players fall on the ground almost every time they were touched, holding their legs like they were broken. That they can do it in another way showed us the second half of yesterdays game. Now it is possible that the final will be Belgium against England. Looking for to this little dream.

Today's song is by one of Los Angeles finest bands Allah-Las. They started to release a small series of Cover-EPs late last year and they transport the originals into their unique early 60's-inspired jangly guitar sound.