Donnerstag, 21. März 2019

Another German Artist

Bildergebnis für udo lindenberg

Udo Lindenberg is a German rock musician, author and painter. He begun his career as a drummer with City Preachers and jazz musician Peter Herbolzheimer in the late 1960's and concentrated in the 1970's to sing in German language. He was one of those who helped to install singing rock songs in German language and made this mass compatible. Of course he was not the one who had a rock voice and for people outside my country can't understand why he got so much success with this flimsy voice. But you ought to see it in the context of the time when a lot of people told us it is impossible to sing rock songs in German language. A few years later the punk and New Wave scene told us that it was possible at all. In 1978 he released his album Lindenberg's Rock Revue and it was a tribute to songs from the 60's and 70's everyone knew but in German language. Most of the songs were originally translated into German language and it was the first time a lot of people understood that the lyrics stood for in the originals. Surely not the greatest versions of the songs but in context to German musical history groundbreaking. Chapeau to him for trying to make a cover by Ronettes Leaader of the Pack.

Udo Lindenberg - Der Boss von der Gang (Leader of the pack
Udo Lindenberg - Sympathie für den Teufel (Sympathy for the devil)

Mittwoch, 20. März 2019

Lost Bet

Bildergebnis für heino konzert stuttgart

Last autumn me and a couple of co-workers stood together for a few pints. After all we bet for who's winning the next game of our club. I felt good enough to bet for a win and we discussed about the insert. I said if I will win you will join me to a concert with punky new music - otherwise I will join you to a concert with Heino. He is a German schlager singer since more than 50 years and he was the main figure that we all hated when we were young. Unfortunately, I have lost the bet and had to stand to myself the concert the last Friday, After all it was horrible but we had a great time and I asked myself why 1.500 people reached for this concert watching an 80 year old singer singing new songs in his very old style. He can still sing so popular German songs - he will never get played at my home.

If we should move us already in the depressions of the German Schlagres I still mention that Peter Kraus has celebrated his 80th birthday two days ago. He was the teenager idol in the beginning of the 60s because he has interpreted rock'n'roll songs in German. At the height of his career he has produced a small scandal, while he has lighted a cigarette with 100 DM bank note to himself during a concert. Maybe one first shit-storms in the history - at least in Germany. This is the German version of Cliff Richard's Lucky Lips:

Dienstag, 19. März 2019

Tuesday's Cover

Bildergebnis für mavis staples

I am not the one that is very deep in soul music but I always loved great female voices. One of those that I ever loved listened to was Mavis Staples. Formed by her fathers she grew up with gospel and blues and got famous by The Staple Singers. During her career lasting for decades she always made cover versions and played with younger and older artists. In 1983 Talking Heads released their fifth album Speaking in Tongues with a few of their best songs in their later career. Slippery People was one of the early 80's songs that made a lot of fun with it's tribal rhythm combined with classic NYC funk. Mavis Staples took this song for her own and made some cover versions. Once live a few years ago and another longer version a few years earlier. What this song makes great is the fantastic bass line and the way Mavis turns this song into a superb soulful and funky way.

Mavis Staples - Slippery Peoples (live)
The Staple Singers - Slippery People (Attention Seeker re-edit)

Montag, 18. März 2019

Monday<'s Long Song

Bildergebnis für the who live at leeds

Last week JC released an superb ICA by ´The Who compiled by Martin that made me want to listen to their best album Live At Leeds. It was one of the first rock albums I ever heard in full length introduced by a local biker that was engaged in these days to my best mates sister. And we were overwhelmed by what we heard. Pete Townshend playing his ecstatic guitar, Keith Moon treating his drums like a madman, Roger Daltrey made the songs famous with his bluesy voice and John Entwistle kept it all together with his bass. Nic Cohn once said that this live album is the perfect hard-rock holocaust and even if was harsh words they were true. Never before and after a band played with such a verve and fun to built up song to de-construct them and put them together with other songs by their own. A classic that I enjoyed to explore this 15 minutes ride once again.

The Who - My Generation

Freitag, 15. März 2019

The King

Bildergebnis für the king gravelands

Back in 1998 Irish born singer James Brown appeared on the scene as The King. A former postman blessed with a voice that was similar to Elvis Presley released his first album Graveland. It was the sound of this summer where a lot of people could agree to his songs. It was a simple idea recording songs of passed by musicians in an Elvis style but he made it great. I still remember seeing him live in a smaller club close to my town in the times when bands showed up around my place. I got tickets for me and me wife to see him live knowing that it wasn't the kind of music she prefered but we all had a lot of fun. The motto was to go to Burger King just around the corner of the venue to get a crown and join the audience with it on your head. We all had an evening with well known songs from the past decades in a very new/old style.

Sorry, but I have problems to upload the files - so please listen to the song on youtube.

Dienstag, 12. März 2019

Tuesday's Cover

Bildergebnis für galaxie 500 band

In this series it should be shown that some great (and forgotten) songs other artists keep alive doing their very own thing with this song. Not only to fill a record or serving the audience the song for an encore. I will try to promote some versions that are rather different to the original or close to it but in a way the song could be one of the songs that the band who made the cover has written originally. Ceremony by Joy Division was one of these examples. A song that never made it on an album by them was covered by Galaxie 500, a post-punk influenced band from greater NYC and they were active in the late 80's, I remember that their second record On Fire was on almost every independent turntable at these days and I have to admit that I loved their reduced independent guitar sound. The cover of Ceremony was the start to grab out the old vinyl of Galaxie 500 and it still makes me happy to listen to them after a very long time.

Montag, 11. März 2019

Monday's Long Song

Bildergebnis für underworld drift episode 2

Today's track Threat of  Rain  is by Underworld and a part of their Drift project.

Underworld began their year-long Drift project on 1 November 2018. A public experiment in creativity and possibility, Drift sees the band releasing material on Thursday each week via their website. During each Drift episode, music and film are often created and mixed reactively to the previous week’s work, and the material collected together to form Drift episodes. At the end of each episode, all parts are fused together into a single resolve told in music, images and words. Between episodes, the band release previously unheard archive material, remixes and curios. The next Drift episode begins on 28 March.

It is another techno groove modified with loops and analogue noise for our pleasure.