Montag, 27. Februar 2017

I Broke Up In Amarante

Bildergebnis für Los Campesinos!

I found this band during searching and investigating new music. First I thought it is another American collage band playing their well known style. Their songs are fresh and full of enthusiasm. Further investigations told me that they are a band from Cardiff but none of them were Welsh when they formed almost ten years ago. Now they make a perfect indie-(pop)sound with great guitars and harmonies. Listen to their songs and you can listen to influences of some of the best bands during the last decades.

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

JAMC on Sunday

The Jesus and mary Chain

After 18 years The Jesus And Mary Jane announced a new record and released one song the last week. I don't have to tell you about their place in history with their groundbreaking first two records. Amputation is exactly this what they stand for: a cheap anc clanky rhythm, sweet melodies and noisy guitars. This also fits even today, even if we were younger in earlier times, today the times have become other and money wants to be earned. The rock'n'roll must still make a noise and sound as if it was about something, namely about the fact that all other is stupid.

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Some Tunes From The Past On Wednesday

A few days ago I stumbled in to Paul Simonon's playlist on Spotify. Most of the songs were from days long gone. And it is a pleasure to listen to them again after ages. It is a eclectic compilation of songs long time ago and I think it is worth to feature them at my place. Rock 'n' Roll to all the ones that was borne too late.

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Viet Cong ...

Bildergebnis für preoccupations band

finished to  be a band with this name. There were too many controversy about her name remaining the original Viet Cong with these words: "We are a band who wants to make music and play our music for our fans. We are not here to cause pain or remind people of atrocities of the past". Viet Cong made one of the best records in 2015 and they went out of my radar since they changed their name last year. Now they want to be named by Preoccupations and nothing changed in their music since then. It is an forgotten masterpiece from last year's record. The LP with the same title has it all: powerful noisy post-punk songs, a little bit of psychedelic and futuristic elements that sometimes reminds to Blade Runner. If I got closer to this record it would be in my last year rundown. Pure music to pure people. Try this.

Preoccupations - Anxiety
Preoccupations - Zodiac
Preoccupations - Degraded
Preoccupations - Memory

Montag, 20. Februar 2017

We Don't Stop

Bildergebnis für sk invitational

Today's track is by SK Intvitational a band from Salzburg, Austria formed in 2006 by Stephan for a final concert of his university. They started to experiment in the coloured box of black music. Starting with dancehall, Drum 'n' Bass they shortly arrived in Hip Hop. Their first record got critical acclaim but nevertheless they moved to NYC. Now they are back with a collaboration with the Hip Hop collective M.O.P. The result is a wreck of full energy; it is burning and bouncing and it grooves like an unknown hit. The sampled guitars reminds to the early Public Enemy sound. Funk, fanfares, explosion.

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017

Another Sunday Morning ...

Bildergebnis für loess n5md

... with a new band that came on my radar a few weeks ago when a promo mail arrived in my in-box. It is not often that I listen to the whole record but I did by Loess, a Philadephia based project by Clay Emerson an Ian Pullman. Their songs are based on ambient percussive elements. On this groundwork they foster a feeling of building and collapsing. Those slow, crunchy and drifting sound escapes based on synthesizer sounds may be out of time but timeless in the way Loess do.

Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Red Hot And Rhapsody

Bildergebnis für george gershwin

Strange sounds today - I know. Rummaging in my record collection brought me these days to a compilation by the Red Hot Organisation released almost 20 years ago. I bought a few of this records thinking it will be for the benefit of something worth to support. I liked this series because all artists get close to the main theme and give songs you might never heard on official records. This compilation is a tribute to George Gershwin, a piano player and orchestral composer from the early days of the last century. He wrote the music to a lots of musicals and got famous for the music to Porgy and Bess. This songs are not for listening during the daytime - they are something special for later at the evening. These songs are superb and if you're in for some great arrangements and voices it will be something for you.

Have a great weekend (I will go to watch the far-away game of my team early this evening in the pub next door, hoping that they will still be at the top of the table after they did their job).