Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017


Bildergebnis für pomarosa fruit

Another new band was introduced on Austrian radio station a few days ago. Pumarosa is named by a South American fruit and the word stands for 'rose apple'. This London based band was formed by Isabel Munoz-Newsome a few years ago and they call their sound 'industrial spiritual' and I have to admit that I had no idea what they sound like. All the songs are dominated by the voice of Munoz-Newsome, something between Siouxie Sioux, Savages' Jenny Beth and Kate Bush. I can  hear a lot of influences of post-punk and shoegaze in their sound and it is a pleasure listen to them. 

Today is ascension day and it's a bank holiday at my place. Most of the people celebrate this day as father's day. A lot of young people will charge their handcart with beer and a bluetooth equipment wandering around the open landscape. Me I will go and meet a couple of friends later this day for hanging around in one of our beergardens.

Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017

Call The Police

Bildergebnis für lcd soundsystem call the police

Almost six years ago James Murphy announced the breakup of LCD Soundsystem. Now a few songs from his comeback-album was released a few days ago. Call The Police shows that they unlearned anything since then. It is a big anthem and borrows liberally from the melody of New Order's Procession and the swirling guitars of Brian Eno's St. Elmo's Fire. And it is solid base to built a song that shows LCD Soundsystem back on their own high level.

Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

King Charles

Bildergebnis für yungblud

One of the best new songs I heard the recent days come from a 19 year old musician from Doncaster. Dominic Harrison aka Yungblud has a lot of energy in this song. Growing up surrounded by music from people like Bob Dylan, The Clash and The Streets, protest songs are natural outlet for Yungblud and King Charles is two and a half minute rage against the system. Rhymes like Get our your wallet and give us your money / And you might as well throw in your soul are seldom heard these days and were supported with a driving  backbeat and lead to a hip-hop crossover. You can describe it as a kind of mix of Jamie T and Arctic Monkeys - and that is not too bad for this young kid.

Montag, 22. Mai 2017

Another Year Is Gone

Bildergebnis für 58

Probably all of you know how it feels when the calender shows that this day is your birthday. Another year older and closer to retirement. And every year I ask myself the questions: where is the last year's gone? Are you really that age? I know time is passing quickly and the more you work and the more you go your way (for me keep going on watching football, listen to music and meeting friends regulary) time slips through your fingers. When I remember the Glasgow days almost two weeks ago it feels like it was yesterday. And for the second question I don't feel that old. I am in a good shape and able to have fun. So my life is not too bad at all and it doesn't matter any age. For example: There is a guy who is born at the same day in the same year as me and do you really think Morrissey is an old man. So I will raise my glass and salute him. Happy birthday Moz.

Born in 1954, on this day, Jerry Dammers, founding member and keyboard player of The Specials is to named at this place.

The Specials - Ghost Town (12 inch)

Long time co-writer of Elton John, Bernie Taupin was also born on this day in 1950. Together they wrote many timeless songs that fit perfectly to other artists.

Rod Stewart - Country Comfort

Jesse Valenzuela from the Gin Blossoms was born in 1962.

At least the oldest one I found was Charles Aznavour a French singer, actor, political activist and diplomat born in 1924. His song about his wife that let oneself go is still a favourite of mine.

Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Easy Beats On Sunday

Bildergebnis für vfb stuttgart

A few days ago I found out the German producer Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere released his newest record Herbst. Starting at the begin of this century with a mixture of weird electronic-punk sounds and turned later more into song-structured sounds and adding some guitars to his electronic sounds. I remember some of his remixes during the last years and didn't had him on my radar any more. So I really was surprised that he is going to release a full album. He still has some kind of crackly vinyl sounds in it but the tracks were more developed and filled with melodies. Many songs are bright and playful over shimmering loops and bouncy beats like Jaguar:

The others like Wacker (a German word for brave)are more dramatic, with lush strings joined by exotic horns and echo-covered percussion. All in all a record to start the day with.

Later this day I will go for the final game for our team. We are still at the top of the table and many things must went wrong when we didn't reach the promotion. There will be 55.000 people in the stadium and another 60.000 were expected for public viewing. Me and my mates ruled to stay out of the masses before and after because we can celebrate promotion at smaller places as well.

Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

Country Friday

Bildergebnis für ponderosa aces

You might know that JC made a trip from Glasgow to Manchester to see JTFL playing with his band The Ponderosa Aces. And he also introduced me to their music. I investigated them and found out that they were another American band celebrating the main roots of country music in their very own way. I think JC had a great time watching them live an a small venue. It is not the kind of music I would prefer in my home but I think this music will work live very well. Thanks to JC for guiding me to them. It is always a pleasure to listen to this kind of music from time to time.

Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017

Bonus Posting:Ian Curtis RIP

Bildergebnis für ian curtis

It was 37 years ago since Ian Curtis commited suicide because he couldn't stand the life he was in and it was a great lost we had to bear. He first formed Warsaw and then he was the leader of one of the most influential bands in the post-punk era - Joy Division. I remember when I spent some weeks in Corsica with my youngest brother back in 1989 when we got to a place where a walls was filled with sprayed with tributes to Ian. We sadly lost one of the most talented artists at this era and I will never forget what he gave to me. And introduction to music that turned me into something new.

May he rest in peace.