Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 10/18

Bildergebnis für the liminanas shadow people

French duo The Limiñanas return with another great album where Jesus and the Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, French pop and Italian Western meet to create their very unique kind of psychedelic rock. It is one of those albums I almost played to death this year because it was so entertaining, compact but also different. That they reached a very high level I could see when I saw them live a few weeks ago. I should present every song from this album but I decided that I should feature those songs where some superb guest artists came to refining their songs.

The Limiñanas feat. Peter Hook - The Gift
The Limiñanas feat. Emmanuelle Seigner - Shadow People
The Limiñanas feat. Anthony Newcomb - Istanbul Is Sleepy

Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 9/18

Bildergebnis für Die Nerven fake

As always there should be a German artist appear on the list. I was glad that Stuttgart based band Die Nerven release another new album this year. It is the third one in a very short time and probably it is their best. They still play another kind of angry post-punk with massive guitars but know they reduce their speed in few songs to create a sound that is more than angry music played in a hurry. If you don't understand the words it is not necessary to try to translate because most of them are senseless arty phrases. But the music stands for itself and if you will try some contemporary German post-punk you might not find anything better.

Die Nerven - Neue Wellen
Die Nerven - Frei
Die Nerven - Fake

Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 8/18 - Monday's Long Songs

Bildergebnis für jon hopkins singularity

Today I start my annual journey to Sri Lanka and will recreate my batteries and will be back in the middle of January next year. Planning my list of records from this year there is one that fits perfect to the the Monday series. Jon Hopkins released Singularity in the first half of the year and it one of the finest techno-ambient albums of the year. The heart of the album are two songs over 10 minutes. While Everything Connected  is the typical straight techno monster we expected Luminous Beings starts contrary and blurred to move into techno spheres. That this sound works great live as well I could see this year in Mannheim.

Jon Hopkins - Everything Connected
Jon Hopkins - Luminous Beings

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 7/18

Bildergebnis für mark lanegan and duke garwood with animals

Mark Lanegan celebrates together with Duke Garwood on With Animals the return of the blues. Most song played in a reduced tempo and all songs live from the intensive voice of Mark. An album made for the hours before midnight and I think only Nick Cave could do an album like this.

Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood - Save Me
Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood - Spaceman
Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood - One Way Glass

Samstag, 8. Dezember 2018

This Year's Record 5+6/18

Bildergebnis für la luz floating features

Today comes with a double feature of bands that have one in common: they are hardly inspired by 60's surf and guitar sound.

In May this year La Luz, a California based band released their latest album Floating Features. And this record assured with superb surf guitar, accentuated synth moments and excursions into psychedelic space. All in all an atmospheric album that keeps the spirit of surf-noir alive.

La Luz - My Golden One

Bildergebnis für say sue me where we were together

It is not only surf music that Say Sue Me play on their second album Where We Were Together it is probably the best indie-pop album this year and not by a band from London, Glasgow or NYC. I really enjoy their picked guitar sound that drifts into noise sometimes and the nasal singing of frontwoman Sumi Choi that sound perfect to their sound

Say Sue Me - But I Like You 
Say Sue Me - I Just Wanna Dance

Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 4/18

Bildergebnis für mattiel wikipedia

Mattiel sounds as if Nancy Sinatra on the Black Keys would sing. The debut of Mattiel Brown from Atlanta is retro without end. Why not? Retro is good when it discovers new in the old person. And this is here the case. It is of course a retro sound that she offers but who will care if it is true to the origial sound? Of course one of the best retro-sounded albums of the year and I still listen to it with great joy.

Mattiel - Whites In Your Eyes
Mattiel - Bye Bye

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 3/18

Bildergebnis für the monochrome set maisieworld

Early this year The Monochrome Set released Maisieworld an album filled with superb pop songs. From their early days in the 1980's until now they released great stuff. And they still are searching for the perfect song. With this album they came a little closer to their aim. The Monochrome Set have never kept to rules and they also did not have to do this. Their sound never sounds dusty, the melodies stick long in the hearing. Maisieworld sounds contented anyhow, yes, but never complacently. Always more buoyant guitar-grooves holds together the songs, a banjo on a discreetly held blower's section sometimes hits, Ska is indicated here and there.Why they celebrate no commercial success like her pupils Franz Ferdinand is a riddle probably always remains.

The Monochrome Set - Give Me Your Youth
The Monochrome Set - I Feel Fine (Really)
The Monochrome Set - Stage Fright