Freitag, 22. Juni 2018

Bildergebnis für nadine shah

At the end of the month I am invited to a 50th birthday to a long friend of mine. There will be no DJ around playing this evening, so she asked the friends to compile a playlist from whatever we want. The only rule was that this list should be compatible for many people. Creating this list I remembered Nadine Shah, her beautiful voice and her outstanding record from last year. I asked myself why I didn't gave her a feature on this little place in internet yet. It is a question I can't answer but it it not necessary because most of you will know her songs. If not - take this for a chance to enter to her music. I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed.

Nadine Shah - Place Like This
Nadine Shah - Holiday Destination

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018


Bildergebnis für gruff rhys

Studio Babelsberg in Berlin/Potsdam is the oldest big studio film studio of the world and the biggest film studio of Europe. It is also the title of the latest album by Gruff Rhys, the Welsh multi talented musician, composer, producer, filmmaker and author. But the title has nothing to do with film studio in Potsdam it is a synonym for building the Tower of Babel. He delighted me during the last years with timeless albums with timeless music. American Interior from 2014 was played often when I was at home. So I was excited to listen to his new record and I wasn't disappointed. He wrote great songs again and recorded them with the 72-piece BBC National Orchestra of Wales. The more I listen to the songs I think he moves more and more to a nowadays edition of Lee Hazlewood and he can't deny the influences of Ray Davis and The Kinks. For me, Babelsberg is one of the nicest records released this year.

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018

Teenage Drama

Bildergebnis für the knack

During the last weeks I was absent from music because their were too many other things I had to do. First a few friends from Sri Lanka were at my place to spent their days off at my place; then I had to finish some new codings at my office and then I enjoyed some days off without any duties. Now my hiatus is over and I can start regular postings during the next weeks. Sometimes I thought about new inspirations outside of new releases and I didn't find any solution. Then a few days ago it happened that a very old song shuffled up on my mobile phone while I was on the way to my office. It is almost 40 years ago when The Knack appeared on the scene. Nothing more than a band that made the music for masses at the right time. But You're Number Or You're Name is one of these songs that transports the feelings of young people and I can remember how it felt at these days. I am not sure if it will be a small series of songs that tell us the dilemmas of very young people but it could happen. Anyway a great pop song - sadly forgotten.

Saw your face from a window
Now I can't let it go
But I don't know your number or your name
If I only could phone you
I could say what I want to
When I'm trying to catch your eye
You'r stepping out of view

The Knack - You're Number Or You're Name

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018

Thank You Drew

Bildergebnis für Airdrieonians F.C.

This morning started with the horrible news that Drew over at Across The Kitchen Table made his last post. He is a friend of mine and a huge inspiration of this blog. I used to watch the news he posted during long years and often he inspired me with some new and also old music. It is sad that he completed his work (but I hope he will only have a sabbatical) but Drew was one of them that gave a lot of inspirations in a lot of kind of music during the last years. I can really understand the reasons why he chosen this road because I feel sometimes burned out as well. That is the reason why I took a hiatus from bloging. This song is for you Drew - hope you come back in any way you want. All the best to you mate and your Aidrieonians - I will miss you on this little piece of the world.

The Pale Fountains - Just A Girl

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2018

Stone Tumbling Stream

Bildergebnis für jon langford

It was a year ago when I got connected with Spotify. The main reason was that they got almost any good record in their offer and a lot of new releases are available. During  the time I built up a library of a lot of albums there from the last decades. That makes me free not to copy any album on my mobile phone when I would like to listen to away from home. When I listen to music this way in the background they work on my profile and identify my musical preferences. Every week on Friday they provide new releases according to my musical preferences. So I can check out on my one hour train ride to my office what's new. To be honest, not everything new fits to me and I skip to the next one. But a few are worth to investigate for more. One of those was Mark Lanegans new single from my yesterday post. The other is a new one by Jon Langford. Together with his long time companion Martin Bramah he recorded a few songs in Budapest a couple of years ago. Stone Tumbling Stream is a song that is reduced to a simple electric guitar and two voices chanting their lyrics. This might be the reason why I choose my old Three John's records when I came home from work.

Samstag, 2. Juni 2018

Save Me

Bildergebnis für mark lanegan

Mark Lanegan announced a new album for August. It will be another collaboration with Duke Garwood who also played on Mark's superb album Gargoyle. The first single was out these days and it makes me want to listen more of this reduced guitar based sound. It has a dark mood and I can see walking him over the graveyard round midnight howling his songs.

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018


Bildergebnis für levellers

The Levellers are a band that I followed since many decades. Not only for their political ambitions or for what they are standing for. They made so many songs I could agree with for many years. The Levellers released a few weeks ago a new record playing old songs in new arrangements with strings. Listening to this songs all over their career about almost 30 years makes still fun. And their lyrics are still worth to listen. More actual than many others these days.