Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019

Disappointing Voting

Bildergebnis für no brexit

Sad news that 60 percent of British parliament voted against a ruled Brexit. Mrs. May lost and I am afraid what will happen a few weeks ahead. I think that the ruling parties lost their influence to the country and a few hardliners will laugh about the stupid things that will happen. My hope is that Jeremy Corbyn will make a vote of no confidence to get rid of this unruled Brexit. May is gone but what bill be the next? I hope that the last word isn't spoken yet.

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2019

Bullet Proof

Bildergebnis für this is the kit

It is time to feature an artist that impressed me much on last years festival in Mannheim. I don't know why I forgot to do this but anyway, better late than never. This Is The Kit is the alias of British musician Kate Stables, based in Bristol and Paris. The music of this superb singer-songwriter is like by many others her beautiful and extraordinary voice. Absolutely worth to listen to.

This Is The Kit - Bullet Proof (Blue States Remix)
This Is The Kit - Moonshine Freeze

Montag, 14. Januar 2019

Monday's Long Song

Bildergebnis für beastie boys

Back on the blog after a longer period of relaxing and recovering to continue (not only) the series of a long song on Monday. Today's song is from Beastie Boy's second and masterpiece album Paul's Boutique. It is a landmark in hip-hop. After the party of their first album finished, where they combined classic rock with hip-hop the Beastie Boys grew up to real artists. They understood what hip-hop stands for and they detected sampling as a way to create sounds/songs. Not many albums from this genre were played by white guys that stood the times (another was the first album by House of pain that showed the self-confidence of white rappers). This songs shows the range hip-hop can stand for.

Beastie Boys - B-Boy Bouillabaisse

Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 18/18

Bildergebnis für wooden shjips v

At the end of this eclectic selection of this year's record will stand the album I really played to death this year. Portland quartet Wooden Shjips released V shortly after my birthday in May and since then there were only a few weeks I didn't listen to this record. Some might say it is just West-Coast sound and they are not wrong at all. But how they play this kind of music is more than superb. I found the description of their sound somewhere in the internet:

The beauty of Wooden Shjips’ music is that it can just as easily fill or empty your head. Empty spaces are few and far between in their work; a sonographic representation of any of their songs would almost certainly be a near-solid hacksaw blade. But it also seems made for zoning out to: it’s not exactly background music, but it has a semi-ambient feel, a stoned and sleepy mood. V is just a little sharper than Wooden Shjips have sounded before, but there’s still something stopping the sun’s rays from hitting the ground as hard as they might. There’s smoke in the air here: it might be from wildfires, or it might just be from a joint.

Wooden Shjips - Eclipse
Wooden Shjips - Red Line
Wooden Shjips - Golden Flower

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 17/18

Bildergebnis für cavern of anti-matter home made lemonade

Hormone Lemonade by Cavern Of Anti-Matter is an album that grows the more you listen to it. It is not an easy was to get involved with the music of former Stereolab Tim Gane but if you found the key to this music you will get pleasure all over. How to describe? Probably a hybrid of late Kraftwerk and Kraut on a spacey journey.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Automatic Morning 
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Feed My Magnetic Rain
Cavern Of Anti-Matter- Remote Confection

Montag, 17. Dezember 2018

This Yea's Records 16/18

Bildergebnis für the lucid dream actualisation

There are less bands that are more underrated than Carlile's The Lucid Dream. They make records since almost 10 years and their sound get's still better with every release. I love their crossover of psyche, acid house and punk. For me an essential album because this songs can blow your head of your shoulders. Try Alone In Fear and you know what I mean.

Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 15/18

Bildergebnis für spiritualized and nothing hurt

Every new album by Spiritualized is a good album for me. And so is And Nothing Hurts. It is nothing new just like many before but if you are a huge fan they don't can make anything wrong. All in all another album that shows everything I like by them.

Spiritualized - I'm Your Man
Spiritualized - The Morning After
Spiritualized - Sail On Through