Sonntag, 22. März 2015

From The In-Box

New music galore arrived throughout the last weeks. Now I've got some time to listen to them and sort out that wasn't worth to give a listen.

The first band is called 87 and is located in San Franzisco. That's what they tell us about their music:

We landed in San Francisco from different places. Patrick was born in Atlanta and has spent much time in Athens, Georgia and Seattle. He has always been into unique Indie Rock. Hanako is from Yamanashi, Japan and has spent a lot of time singing and playing Jazz in Tokyo. Nate hales from the tiny Wisconsin town of Black River Falls where he was influenced by Classic Rock while playing in local bands. We think this odd mix of backgrounds and our willingness to experiment leads to songs that are different, interesting and weird. Our genre is kinda hard to pin down. It probably falls somewhere close to these categories: Outsider, Anti-Folk, Psych-Folk, Lo-Fi, Indie Folk and Indie Rock. 

All their songs have a big quality on their own. I like 'Teardrops' for them acoustic, forward leading verve and the bass and harmonies of Hanoko. This song reminds me on the days I used to listen to the Woodentops in the mid 80s. And the ballad 'Aitai' sung by Hanako is just great.

Patrick Bates is located in Richmond, VA and gives us a kind of psychedelic blues ballads. 'In the end' is well produced and arranged. Seldom heard a song that starts slowly with a picking guitar and a tender voice ending with a soft saxophone cascade.

Sheffield gave us Joe Cocker and now David Woodcock, not related to Tony Woodcock who scored for Cologne in the early 80s. But the music he plays with his band The Dead Comedians is similar to him. He played earthy, effective and straight to score another goal. And so is their sound. Directly based on the best of The Replacements or The Clash. Catchy songs and I think if you listen to them live it would be an evening you'll never forget.

Embleton tries to find out how American, Country and Tom Petty could sound nowadays. The result are some fine tunes with acoustic guitars, a suffering country voice played slow. Not the hottest thing around but worth to give a listen to.

From Calgary, Canada comes a singer/songwriter duo named Georgia Sound with songs really over the average. Not only laments of love's gone with a sad and somber voice. No their songs are really optimistic, played up-tempo, are arranged very well and the voices of Ryan Roy and Shannon Magee are superb.

The Sound Position is the project of Michael Dugger trying to find his own place between ambient, downbeat and as he says: experiments with electric techniques, sounds and compositions. The result is mellow tunes to relax and having a tea.

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