Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

What Happened To Power Pop # 10

Another forgotten band from the early 80s are The Bongos from New Jersey. I recognized them by their first album 'Drums along the Hudson'. It was a band that was stuck in the 70s British sound like T. Rex and the American Byrds as well. This album made great fun at this time with a lot of guitar based songs that lives the spirit of pure power pop. I grabbed this record out a few day ago and listened to it several times and I've to admit that it stood the test of time. Although they are an American band and their sound is like a bit of college they had more to give us (another band that gave me some kind of inspiration were The Feelies, especially their appearance in Jonathan Demme's 'Something Wild'). All in all The Bongos made a few songs that I would like to add to power pop - nothing more or less.

Enjoy and have a good time.

The Bongos - In the Congo

And as a bonus - their version of Mambo Sun by T. Rex

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