Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Twanging Tuesday # 50

It is hardly to be thought that this is here already the fiftieth issue of the series. Originally I had planned to write a short series about prominent songs which is to be assigned to the classical Twang sound of Duane Eddy. But then I remembered songs which are not necessarily to be assigned though to this genre, however, on account of that that they are mostly guitar-heavy and have a relation to the Twang sound. And thus I will continue to prefer with my eclectic arrangement of guitar-oriented songs without certain genre. Be surprised what will be shown up.

Today's song is another one from the sampler 'The Roots of Psychobilly'. It's an instrumental by The Rhythm Rockers and a wild saxophone, twangy guitars and sometimes a mad shouting directly from the swamp.

The Rhythm Rockers - Madness


Charity Chic hat gesagt…

50 not out! Very impressive Walter

Walter hat gesagt…

That's why I love them for, Gram. Playing pure grounded awesome music.