Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Nyah Fearties

Like Adam I cleaned up my hard drive and found a file that I've forgotten over years. I still remember this record but I couldn't find in my collection any more. Maybe I borrowed it to my brother years ago and didn't got it back again. Anyway, this post is about a band most of my friends could agree with years ago. Nyah Fearties were one more band from Scotland that were great long time ago but had like many others no commercial success. They were not another folk-punk band like The Pogues or The Men They Couldn't Hang. Their music was more raw and grounded than the ones I named. It was a perfect mixture of classic folk ingredients added with heavy influences of northern industrial sound. I once saw them once live in a small club close to my place. It was one of these concerts you went to and expected nothing and you get recompensed with an unforgettable gig. Davy and Stephen Wiseman have played as if it was to her the last time. Seldom saw two guys on the stage playing with this enthusiasm. If you are a little bit of low-fi folk-punk give them a listen.


Unknown hat gesagt…

Check out their appearance on "The Tube" singing the awesome "Bludgeon Man".

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

There is aname from the past - Lugton Calling (named after a village in Ayrshire) was a great album