Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Puta's Fever

Back in 1987 Manu Chao, his brother Antoine and his cousin Santiago Casariego founded Mano Negra in Paris. Mano Negra mixed a number of styles: punk rock, flamenco, ska, rai, salsa, reggae and African rhythms as well. For me it was the kind of mixing all the styles to a very own special sound.

The name 'La Mano Negra' (The Black Hand) was a supposed secret and violent anarchist organization that was founded in Andalusia, Spain, at the end of the 19th century. The Spanish Nationals Police accused most of the Spanish anarchists of being part of the organization. In the 1880s, Andalusia had experienced a serve economic crises. Due the resulting misery and famine, farm workers revolted, burning and looting bakeries and numerous orchards. The led to the authorities' carrying out mass arrests and public executions. Despite the debates that took place, for years concerning the existence of this organization, it is now widely recognized in academic circles that was a type of 'false flag' invention by the Sagasta government, in order to suppress peasant revolts in the south of Spain. Chao's parents were political exiles from Span who moved to France, escaping persection from the dictatorship of Franco.

I ever loved their music and it's not important what political statement they did. Their main influence to non English-speaking band in continental Europe was immense. I've been with my brother to their concert promoting Puta's Fever. And I've to say that it was one the best concerts I've ever been. Seldom seen any appearance on stage like they did. All in all it was superb listening to them - unforgettable.

It's the different kind of styles the play and changes by every song. What an array of of styles - calliope-like keyboards, Latin grooves, gospel chorus and dub reggae on one record. Sometimes it happens that you can get it on one record.

Mano Negra - Guayaquil City
Mano Negra - Patchanka
Mano Negra - The Devils Call
Mano Negra - Peligro
Mano Negra - Voodoo

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