Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

The Foreign Corresondent Returns - Stories About German (Rock) Music # 47

Plan B is a forgotten German band. I only know a few people that can remember their name. They were nearly famous in 1989 when they released their album 'The Greenhouse Effect'. Maybe it depends in the title of their album which had the discourse at that time about the greenhouse effect to the title that they were arranged about the classification as a politically motivated group. But no such thing - Plan B were a guitare-oriented group which had their roots deeply in the early 80s New Wave-scene. When they formed in 1984 they toured with The Clash as their supporting act. A few years later they were the supporting band of The Ramones. I don't know why they didn't made their career in Germany, although they had all: great songs, powerful songs with hooks and dominating guitars. Maybe it's because they were too late at the start with their kind of music. I don't know but I remember when I played 'Discontentment' when I did DJ-ing many people asked me about the artist. This song could be a standard in this genre if it would be released a few years earlier.

Enjoy and have a good weekend mates.

Plan B - Dicontentment

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