Samstag, 7. Mai 2016

The Gist

Bildergebnis für vinnie jones fussball

It's spring and these are the days of decision in football. Leicester City made the miracle came true and won the Premier League - congrats to that this team. Bayern Munich will be number one in the Bundesliga again, in Spain it is very tight between the common teams of Barcelona and Madrid. Liverpool swept into the final. But for those who doesn't support the major teams there are very hard days to stand. So it happened to my team in Stuttgart. After losing their last games they stand on a relegation place. Finally it is the result of maladministration, permanent changing of the manager, and signing players which are not able to play on a higher level. Anyway, there is a small chance to stay in the Bundesliga if the reduce their playing on the gist. And it means that you have to fight if you are with the inadequate means of playing football. So I will go to my local pub this afternoon and watching out what happens.

The Gist is also a band I didn't listen often the last years. It was a project by Stewart Moxham after Young Marble Giants split. Love at first sight became well known but it wasn't typically for their sound. The record contains a lot of songs with YMG's deep and dominant bass and mostly in a reduced rhythm. A good record and worth to be played again.

The Gist - Love At First Sight
The Gist - Fretting Away


charity chic hat gesagt…

Hope your team stays up Walter.My team Dundee United got relegated

TheRobster hat gesagt…

I'll keep an eye on the Bundesliga this weekend and keep my fingers crossed for Stuttgart. It's rubbish when your team is suffering at the hands of people who don't care. It's the fans who keep the club going, but who ultimately have no say.

Come on Stuttgart!

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you for your warm words and it's sad that Dundee United relegated

TheRobster hat gesagt…

Just seen today's result... commiserations. Fingers crossed you go back up next season.