Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

Electrical Storm

Bildergebnis für street food festival deutschland

Every five/six weeks I meet with a few girlfriends I have a real close friendship since decades. We meet a local bar for a couple of hours to talk the latest news and making some plans for joining some local events. So we decided to meet again next weekend to join the first Street Foot Festival in our town. As far as I know it will be an event when 15 food trucks will offer different kind of small meals, a long cocktail bar and live music every evening. I really have no plan what will happen but we will have a good time there.

Today's music is from Ed Kuepper one of Australians well known guitarists. Born in 1955 in Bremen, Germany he was the co-founder of The Saints and the experimental post-punk band The Laughing Clowns. I was always a fan of his blues inspired music, the way he plays guitar and his songs. Not a music for everyday but timeless.


The Swede hat gesagt…

Walter, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see an Ed Kuepper post pop up on my side bar. Ed is one of my very favourite artists, who I've tried to write something worthwhile about several times over the years, but always struggle to put it down in words without becoming gushing and going way over the top! I did put together an Ed Kuepper Imaginary Compilation LP that I was going to submit to JC for consideration late last year, though in the event Ed released 'Lost Cities' in December, a brilliant album that deserves inclusion in the list - but which song to drop? I should go back to it and give it some more thought.

Enjoy the food festival - and check out 'Lost Cities'!

Dirk hat gesagt…

That food thingy sounds fun, Walter, alas the weather won't be all too brilliant, I've heard ....