Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

Live Music On German Television

Bildergebnis für The Who

Last week I posted the appearance of Jimi Hendirx Experience when German Beat Club went to London to play some bands live at the Marquee Club in London back in 1967. This show would not be complete without the live appearance of The Who.

You might like them or not. But for me they were one of those bands that made the difference to many other bands in these days. One of the most divergent singers in the early 60's, the steady bass of John Entwistle, the extraordinary guitar by Pete Townshend were the trademarks of this band. But for me Keith Moon was the leading figure of The Who. I never heard any drummer before or after playing the drums like he did. He counted with his extremely dynamic, quick play and his exatelted appearance to the most remarkable drummers of his time. Listen to his playing on Live At Leeds and you might understand what I mean. Looking at this footage I have to say: Mod rules.


The Swede hat gesagt…

Totally thrilling footage Walter.

furrball hat gesagt…

It's been said (and rightfully so) that Keith Moon played the drums like a lead instrument. That he did. :)