Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

The Age Of Glam

Bildergebnis für slade

I am not sure if this will be a new series or not but glam rock was the music of my youngest days. It was in these days when you sat in front of the TV watching the latest groups appear. And it was also in these days in the early 70's when bands performed to playback. If it was on German television or BBC. These bands made me step into music and they are the reason why I am still addicted to music. There should be no discussion about quality or musical relevance about this songs. For me it is a part of my musical education - nothing more or less. For me it makes fun to investigate the old songs from this era and I enjoy it from time to time. Most of this songs are classics and probably hidden favourites of you all. So be surprised what will happen the next.

One of my first steps into music was the music of Slade. I don't know any other band based on Wolverhampton (what are the Wonderers doing now?). They started their career when they appeared as skinheads and tried to force their career assosiciated to football hooligans. I liked Noddy Holders voice and Dave Hill's guitar in these days. And it is still fun to listen to their songs decades after.


The Swede hat gesagt…

Glam is where it all started for me too. T.Rex were the first band I ever saw in concert, back in 1972 and I saw Sweet twice in 1973. I also saw Slade, but unfortunately not until a few years later, after their heyday. Great selections today Walter. The music still sounds brilliant, but you've made me feel old!

charity chic hat gesagt…

A great picture Walter and a great idea for a series