Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014


There are less musicians I follow more or less since I have listened the first time to somewhat of them. One of those is Brian Eno. I know him from the early days when he formed Roxy Music - a band their type is to be assigned stylistically to the art-rock genre and was a heavy influence to the later New Romantic Scene. With his first solo recordings he left the classic rock genre to go experimental ways. I think his fist two records were underrated to most listeners but had influence to later experimental bands that play still. Ok - don't let's talk about the past. Brian Eno released a few month ago another album in collaboration with Karl Hyde. When you remember with which different kind of musicians he worked together it is no surprise that now came together with Underworld's Karl Hynde. They tried to combine both musical worlds with the African sound of bands like Fela Kuti. And the result is very worth listening to. Just listen to Witness that starts with a bumping bassline and leads us over a little piano to a smooth synth melody.

Brian Eno & Karl Hyde - Witness
Brian Eno & Karl Hyde - Who Rings The Bell

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