Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Swamp Fever

A new week - a new work ahead. I don't want to think much about it but I know at the latest on Tuesday the reality will catch up me again and I am led by meeting to meeting. So let's start this working week with a trance track I was introduced by one of you (I think it was Drew, so excuse for reposting a great song). I don't know anything about the band but it's ten minutes of pure joy listening to this remix. Give yourself a chance and listen to it. I'm sure it will lead you to an easy step into this week.

Have a good week people.

Delta Lady - Swamp Fever (Delta Baptism Mix)


gaforsyth hat gesagt…

One cat and one dog in the room have remained steadfastly unimpressed, 'm afraid, Walter. As has one female human. Not this male human, though!


Walter hat gesagt…

It is just not everybody's taste. This song has given anyway a lot of pleasure for me. Forgive me that I have irritated your animals ;-))
All the best to you George.