Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

What Happened To Pub Rock # 20

All things must come to an end - and this little series as well. I featured throughout the last weeks bands that are typical for me to represent pub rock at it's best times or which pub rock had a lot of influence to their kind of music. What will be the best finish of this series? Another band to feature (maybe someone will think this is the best one)? Or should I finish with some last good words to a scene/genre that was almost famous nearly 40 years ago? Should I feature some songs that was close to his genre or songs that often was covered by the bands I featured?

Finally I decided to feature a band that is very close to me. I follow The Mekons since almost 30 years. From their first single Where Were You until their latest records. It is a band that made a lot of great recordings - but at least they are a live band. They played maybe hundreds of gigs all over the world and I am glad that I saw a lot of concerts they played at my place for almost 30 year. A few years ago I had the honor to have a conversation with Jon Langford and the band after their gig and to sit at the bar with Sally Timms for a drink.

I think it's a good compromise to finish this series with a band that had it's roots in the pub rock scene but was always far ahead to the mainstream. If you've read my words about The Mekons you'll see that I am a huge fan of this band. And it's true - they made me feel easy when I watched them playing. There's one more reason why they should have their place in musical history: They used to play classic R 'n' R with a lot of influence of modern country music and added the best things from the upcoming 'new' music (you can call it punk, new wave or whatever). And they were always a band they have her heart in the right spot.

Enjoy and remember: the working week is almost over!

The Mekons - Beaten And Broken
The Mekons - Big Zombie
The Mekons - Cockermouth
The Mekons - Hole In The Ground
The Mekons -  Tempted To Believe


Dirk hat gesagt…

Although I love The Mekons, I wouldn't style them as Pub Rock, but either way: a great band they are, that's for sure!

And coincidentially I was listening to some Mekons in the car on my way to work earlier this morning!

Anonym hat gesagt…

A great band, Walter, and a good choice of music. By the way, I did not listen to them on my way to work today.

Anonym hat gesagt…

And listening to those mid 1980s tunes I get the pub-rock reference, although I would not immediately categorise them as such.

charity chic hat gesagt…

I've enjoyed this series Walter - thanks

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you for following this series and I'm glad when I brought back some memories. And yes indeed - The Mekons are not a band from this genre but for me they are the link from a live playing band to the upcoming new music.
Have a good weekend people.