Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Telephone Calls # 1

I think it's time to start a new little series. If I think exactly about it, there are many songs in their telephone calls are led or in those the phone plays an important role. Whether it is a matter now of confessing the love on the phone or whether the phone appears only as small accessories in the song - it is a matter maybe only of appreciating the medium without which there would not be this protestation at all (we exclude once the written letter from it). So be surprised what songs will appear in this series.

Let's start with maybe one of the best heartbreaking phone calls ever. There's a guy trying to call his former girlfriend before she Leaves with her new boyfriend to marry far away. Almost every time I hear Ray Sawyer still begging Sylvia's mother to pass the phone a last time to her I get goose skin because I never heard someone begging the way he did. Years later I recognized that this was an autobiographical song by Shel Silverstein another artist I should feature in the near future.

So enjoy this series as much as you can.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show - Sylvia's Mother


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I love this song.

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