Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

Inflammable Material - First Records That Impressed Me Much # 3

I'm off for a few days to visit my children in Cologne. So there will be no regular posting the next days. I hope to show up on this blog again in the middle of next week. It's necessary for me to get more contact to my kids than the last years. So don't be too much disappointed that I take a little break.

So let's get back to this little series.
In 1980 were most of us were used to listen to new music and new sounds in America a band released their first record with an incredible mixture of genres. They combined classic rockabilly with a very punky attitude. Their songs acting from the sombre sides of the life in their place enough was to be dressed for a raw sound and the manner in varnish and leather, For ever in my life a had a hidden charm for country music, especially for rockabilly songs (the first song I would like to add to this gente was CCR's Bad Moon Rising). I remember very well when I showed up to my local record store looking for something new. Then Mike (the owner of this store) told me about something real new and raw. I said 'OK - let me listen to this'. Then he put the record on his turntable and I listened to the first song. It was TV-Set and it almost blew out my mind. Never heard such a trashy sound before. There was no more discussion about - I bought this record. Impressed by an low-fi sound that was reduced to the minimum I felt great, because this was true and upright music to me. I remember that their music tuned me up to search for more music that was in this style. And I seldom was disappointed what I found. Since then I was a huge fan of this band. I've never heard to a band in this genre like they did. From the early 80s I wanted to see them live and finally it happened in the middle 90s that I could see them live. I've seldom seen a band with that physical presence like them. Lux Interior was one of the few singers who was able to perform the songs in a very special way. With lots of emotions and and an almost self-destructing attitude. Poison Ivy Rorscharch (does she stand in connection with the test of the same name?) dressed in leather as well and performing her guitar with very high heels. I loved them playing with the S/M-themes.  I still love their roughness and their mean attitude they shown up for years. This album and the following albums as well accompanied the last decades. And I never get tired or bored listening to it. It's not everyone's sound I know - but if you don't stick to The Cramps,you might missed something great.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend

The Cramps - Fever
The Cramps - Garbage Man
The Cramps - I Was A Teenage Werevolfe
The Cramps - Strychnine
The Cramps - Sunglasses After Darl


gaforsyth hat gesagt…

Excellent songs Walter, a great listen. Have a good weekend.

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you George! I have a great weekend. Talked a lot to my son and had a very successful conversation with my daughter. Tomorrow we'll go for Cologne and later I meet my daughter and my former wife for some beers at a local Brauhaus (it's a big pub where the brewing company sells it's own beer).

Walter hat gesagt…
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Scott hat gesagt…

Great post Walter. Classic, timeless album from one of the most important bands of all time. Easily one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Have a great weekend.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

The Cramps.... love them. Have a good break.