Montag, 14. Juli 2014


As normally the big English music magazines make around every new group which contrasts from the mass an unbelievable hype and praise this as the next quite big thing. Most of them are gone before their success started. But sometimes the press has a very good feeling for quiet good bands. And Jungle could be one of these bands I will remember with a smiling heart in the future. It seems like the today kids remember the sound of the 70s/80s when a lot of bands used to play urban soul music that fitted quiet good on the dancefloor. J and T are the protagonists of this debut from England and they give a quite fine electronic sound work from many many different ingredients from the music world of the last 40 years to us here. No matter whether disco, Chill Out, pop, soul or electronic music of all kind, Jungle mix it to a miraculous sound mix which goes immediately to the ear and moves the listener into another world. This sounds sometimes after Chic, sometimes after Bee Gees, sometimes to Pet Shop Boy, sometimes after topical electronic music. For me it's a record I will play a few times this summer.

You can read the full review by Mark Beaumont here.

After the DMCA have arranged that songs I posted by the Secret Sisters offend against existing copyright, I had to extinguish this and I fear that it will also go for me with Jungle. Therefor today only videos. However, does this authority have no notion that everybody to itself on the Internet a converter can download?

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