Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Alfredo Di Stefano RIP

While the FIFA World Championship is still running and the semi-finals are ahead we got the news that Alfredo Di Stefano died today. He died on a heart attack he had a few days ago. I didn't seen him play ever but the old folks told me that he was maybe the bestforward player in his time. Di Stefano was an Argentina based midfield player who had the best times during playing for Real Madrid in the 50s. These were the glory days when Real Madrid ruled the international football in Europe. My father told me several times that he's never seen any other forward player like him. He told me as well of his football highlights ever when he went to Glasgow in 1960 to watch the final of the European Championship between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt. It was not the German game at this day because they were beaten by seven goals (3 from Di Stefano and 4 by Puskás) against three. It was the only time my dad took a trip to support a German team in a foreign country. I heard these stories for many times and it makes me smile to remember this once again.

So stay well in football heaven Alfredo

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charity chic hat gesagt…

That game still has legendary status in Glasgow Walter