Montag, 7. Juli 2014

The Pocket Knife

A few weeks ago I had my regular visit with the dentist. When I have sat in the waiting room and have waited to me in the row am I have paged through from boredom a women's service magazine. Not that these themes are interesting me much sometimes I take a spot on the reviews of books and records in it. I've been reading an article about the new record by The Secret Sisters. In this euphoric article they told the readers that it's the best new country record since long time. The only thing I knew about The Secret Sisters that they recorded a traditional country album. When I have read that T-Burne Burnett has produced the album I have dealt closer with it and must say that it has become a very good and contemporary album for this genre. The songs are dominated by the clear voices of the sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Sometimes it remembers me on Adele going the country-style sometimes I think it's the country version of Warpaint. Mostly I was impressed on their version of PJ Harvey's 'The Pocket Knife'.

Have a nice week - where ever you, whatever you do.

The Secret Sisters - Rattle My Bones
The Secret Sisters - The Pocket Knife

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charity chic hat gesagt…

Excellent stuff Walter. Everything T-Bone is involved in seems to turn out good
I believe they were gifted a song Dirty Lie by Bob Dylan which they finished off and put on the album.
A profitable trip to the dentists!