Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

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Last week died with Bobby Womack another great Soul musician. During the week I listened to many of his old albums again and I realized what we've lost. Anyway, there a lot of young people out there who try to keep the spirit of this kind of music ahead. I don't expect them to do it the same way their idols did - no I want to  know if they can transport the meaning of Soul music into nowadays way of playing music. Soul meant to me song about love, love gone by and not to forget erotic and sex. There is a duo based in NYC who try this as well. And I have to admit that they did a very good job. I was impressed by the voice of the singer and I would wish that he will get the real song that fits to his voice. I can recommend The Lemons to those which appreciate a good song and a good voice. And here are some words from the band:

A duo consisting of vocalist Roger Smith and multi-instrumentalist Thor Madsen, the New York-based Lemon generates body heat from their funky, sweltering grooves. The propulsive “Ain’t Coming Back” recalls Peter Gabriel in his mid-‘80s prime as Smith’s deeply emotional and urgent vocals fuel Madsen’s grinding keyboards while “One Night Stand” is reminiscent of Prince’s midnight eroticism.

Eschewing the discordant noise and basement production of ‘90s alternative rock, Lemon champion melody and clear, straightforward songwriting, utilizing modern technology to create evocative atmospherics with old-school pop hooks. If Motown had begun releasing albums in the 21st century, then Lemon would’ve been among their prime artists.

“The warmth of Smith's singing is complemented beautifully by Madsen's dreamy keyboard textures,” raved renowned U.K. Adam Harrington.

Take a taste of Lemon now.

Lemon - Not Even Close
Lemon - We Got Love

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