Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

That's What I Watched On TV Years Ago # 5

In the end of the 80s private television broadcasting stations were fed in Germany into the cable nets. I never was a friend of these canals, because to me the commercial interruptions have interfered and I was accustomed a broadcasting without looking at interruption and therefore I has preferred to look at broadcastings on canals to me which had no advertising interruptions. But because there is an exception, thus for every rule. And here it is: Fox network created a character that is unforgettable until now. Al Bundy who represents as a father of a family and shoe shop assistant the easy American middle class. He was the main actor in the sitcom Married ... With Children (horrible translated into German language as A terribly nice family). It is a rather sloppy character and constantly crusty. Besides he will not have accompanied tiredly to regret the idioms in his life which the marriage the football plays on the college kept him since the end of the High-School, as him.

The series follows the everyday life of the Bundys. Al Bundy is a former Highschool football player who lives his life long to have achieved Polk High School in one single play four touchdowns on which, and is made since his marriage earn his maintenance as a ladies' shoe shop assistant; his always unwilling to work Mrs. Peggy is known for her highly back-combed red hair, kitschy / trashy clothes and her strong aversion compared with own household; finally, the common children Kelly – her as attractive like always dense daughter – and Bud who did not like very much, but the absolutely intelligent latest shoot of the family. He had the chance to study with a sports scholarship in a college – until he got to know Peggy Wanker whom he impregnated (which burst several times used condom) and married. As a result he felt constrained to make his holiday's job as a ladies' shoe shop assistant in „Gary's Shoes and accessories“ the main occupation. So Al never looks at "Peg" (which he wishes regularly the death or other incommodities to the neck) as well as his both children Kelly and Bud as the biggest evil of his life, a view, which he to the specially published life wisdom „Marries!“ to reason lays („I believe myself like a navigation society whose tanker has released an environmental disaster: An unintentional outpouring and I pays till the end of my days.“

The series portraits the regular American way of life and especially the sadness about missed chances in life. What I have always admired in this series, the humor with those was an American network on the everyday life has looked, inimitable characters has created in those many have found themself again.

And as a bonus - a forgotten song from 1987:

Guesch Patti - Etienne


drew hat gesagt…

I loved married with children. Sometimes I feel as if I'm turning into Al Bundy these days.

Walter hat gesagt…

Seems like many older men turn into Al Bundy - sometimes me as well.
Have a nice sunday, Drew