Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Songs The Lord Told Us # 8

I think that I don't have to say much about Billy Bragg at these place. Most of you will know (and maybe love) him and the music he made throughout the years. There many songs I like to listen almost every time when they shuffle up on my mobile phone. To pick out one is difficult but in my opinion Northern Industrial Town shows exactly his abilities in songwriting. It is very seldom that an artist is able to describe the working people and how they life. This song is in the tradition of Ray Davis and The Kinks who described the working people way back in England in the 60s.


It's just a northern industrial town
The front doors of the houses open into the street
There's no room for front gardens, just a two-up two-down
In a northern industrial town

And you can see the green hills 'cross the rooftops
And a fresher wind blows past the end of our block
In the evenings the mist come rolling on down
Into a northern industrial town

And there's only two teams in this town
And you must follow one or the other
Let us win, let them lose, not the other way 'round
In a northern industrial town

And the street lights look pretty and bright
From the tops of the hills that rise dark in the night
If it weren't for the rain you might never come down
To your northern industrial town

And on payday they tear the place down
With a pint in your hand and a bash 'em out band
Sure they'd dance to the rhythm of the rain falling down
In a northern industrial town

And there's plenty of artists around
Painters steal cars, poets nick guitars
'Cause we're out of the black and we're into the red
So give us this day our daily bread
In a northern industrial town

But it's not Leeds or Manchester
Liverpool, Sheffield nor Glasgow
It's not Newcastle-on-Tyne, it's Belfast
It's just a northern industrial town

Merry Christmas, war is over
In a northern industrial town

Billy Bragg - Northern Industrial Town

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Excellent song from an under rated album Walter

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you CC. I think the same way. He's maybe one of the last poets we have right now.