Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

What Happened To Pub Rock # 18

Seems like this little series will come to an end soon. This is post # 18 and I think I'll have two more artists I would like to feature. So let's start for the last rounds (as well the football world champion ship will come to an end). This one comes from a band that was formed in 1970 by Ian Dury and released only two records. It was a band that was far ahead of the times while most people listened to pub rock and other BOF-music. The brand name of the group was with certainty the voice and the texts of Ian Dury. Their first record has fascinated me from the outset. Mostly carried songs with mad or at least not for usual Germans to understandable lyrics. Mostly carried from a magnificent melody Ian has spoken his texts more or less. Then from time to time a saxophone was to be heard in the background what has still improved most songs. He was punk before punk was even born. He got his credits latest when he released his first record with The Blockheads. A monument of the New Wave era. It is still fun to listen to this record time by time.

Enjoy - and have let the last working days pass you very easily.
Cheers my friends.

Kilburn and The High Roads - Roadette Song
Kilburn and The High Roads - The Mumble Rumble and the Cocktail Rock
Kilburn and The High Roads - Crippled With Nerves
Kilburn and The High Roads - Rough Kids
Kilburn and The High Roads - Pam's Moods

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